Attempting to make it as a writer

Tiggy Hayes

I am a mother of three boys; two teenagers and one nine year old.  The eldest is a rugby nerd and lives and breathes rugby.  He is about to go into his GCSE final year and back to the rugby pitch after a whole season out through major injury on his hips (not caused by rugby but maybe exacerbated).

The next son about to go into year 10 at school and begin his two years of GCSE enjoys BMX bikes and was becoming dangerously adept at stunts until an accident on Easter Sunday has severly dented his confidence.  He is enjoying the freedom of being able to rig and sail the new topper we acquired this season.

The youngest is still at primary school and very sporty.  He is very sociable and enjoys the company of lots of different characters.   I work in the office at his school part-time which brings little financial reward but allows me to have holdays off with the children.

My husband is a fitness freak  who enjoys sailing, the proper sailing not my kind of luxury yacht and pimms type.  To punish himself further he competes in triathlons and spends many hours a week away from his pressurised job and pounding the streets, wheels or local swimming pool.

I write and hope eventually to gain some financial reward for all my efforts but lack the self confidence to push my work.  After many years of short stories I was challenged to write a novel in a month which although it took longer than a month is now being edited slowly.    I still write regularly and now try to post a blog at least once a week; commenting on episodes in my chaotic and full life.

I never name anyone directly and I write under my pen name of Tiggy Hayes.  Dawn Chorus, the name of my blog refers to the time I write; early in the morning with only the birds for company.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment.


Comments on: "Tiggy Hayes" (3)

  1. May everything turns out just fine, Madame

    I will look forward to read all you write =)

  2. Getting up early to write! And all those blog entries! You are definitely on the way to being a very successful writer.

    • Words come out easier first thing in the morning, while the inner me is not bogged down with the hub bub of normal life and there is no-one else around. I am a writer and even beginning to believe it – now I just need to be a published writer….. some people are never happy! Thank you and for the wonderful inspiration you gave me at Swanwick.

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