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5 Minute Meal

Five minutes and Five easy steps! 

This is such a fabulous store-cupboard quickie and absolutely perfect to send off to those youngsters starting out in the unknown territory of student digs.     I rarely do this as with a family of five it no longer takes just five minutes and I forget that just because it is a fast foods it still provides all the essentials needed at mealtimes.   I would agree it is not the most elegant meal served up but quick, convenient and cheap are all essentials a young student will need.

I use packet mash potato as this was given to me by a vegetarian cook who balanced all her meals. Packet mash contains certain necessary nutrients lacking from real mash, it also means the meal can be produced in 5 minutes. 

Packet of instant mashed potato
Tin of Tuna 
Tin of baked beans 
Cheese – cheddar grated

Mix the mash according to packet instructions.  

Empty the tin of tuna and mix in

Add the baked beans and again mix in 

Finally put in half the cheese and stir through 

Top with remaining cheese and cook in the oven, under the grill or I have been known to zap in the microwave.  As the potato is already hot when you begin this all takes minutes to prepare.  When the potato browns and the cheese melts it is ready.  My son loves it with lashings of tomato sauce,  I prefer a sprinkling of course ground pepper.  You don’t really have to add anything it is fine as it is.

Sit down at the table and enjoy before rushing back to finish that essay.

See how this goes down,  it is easier and quicker for one person than for a family but is such a great standby in case.  Do you have any student recipes let me have them to share?


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Shepherds Pie

Everyone has a favourite recipe for Shepherds or Cottage Pie; do you use lamb or beef? Do you add cheese? What veg do you add in.   My recipe uses beef and is quick and easy to fit into a busy family life.


Onions chopped finely
Beef (minced)
Mixed herbs
Baked beans
OXO Cubes
Mashed potatoes with milk and butter

I make straight in the serving dish, to save time and washing so while the potatoes are boiling to make the mash, I chop my onions and put them in the microwave to soften (you can add a dash of water or oil but I do for a very short burst with nothing).

Then I add the meat and microwave in short bursts turning regularly.  I want them brown all over, which could easily be done in a pan before transferring.  At this point depending on the meat you may wish to throw some of the additional liquid,   keep some to keep moist but if the meat has lost a lot of water or fat get rid of now.

Sprinkle over the Mixed herbs and Oxo cubes (I use two to give depth) then cover with baked beans.  

Cover with the mashed potato and leave till you are ready to cook then in the hot oven till the mixture is bubbling round the edges and the potato is nicely browned.

Serve with other vegetable if you like or a crunchy salad.  We love pickles and chutneys and these go really well with this.   Great prepare in advance one pot meal for the whole family.

Enjoy and let me know what variations you serve for your hungry mouths.


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