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Spanish Chicken

I love Chorizo, it is so versatile and can be used as the main ingrediant in many dishes or as in this Spanish Chicken dish it is the subsiduary ingredient that gives a piquant flavouring to chicken.  This technically is more like Mediterranean Chicken rather than just Spanish but the name has stuck in our house.

This is such a simple one pot meal that everyone loves. You need time and you need to keep an eye on it but there is little effort other than that.  It would lend itself well to being in a slow cooker but I would add the tomatoes earlier and may be a little more liquid (an extra tin or some water)


Chicken pieces (I use skinless chicken breast but drumsticks or wings would work)
Olive oil
Chorizo sliced or cut into small chunks 
Baby potatoes (salad or new) 
Onions finely chopped

Zest and juice of an orange
Oregano (dried)
Tin of tomatoes 

Pimento filled Olives (cut in half)

Place chicken in  deep roasting dish with a little olive oil drizzled over the top.

Sprinkle over the chorizo – this determines the heat of the dish – with the children I tend to use the milder versions, but you can ramp up the heat with a spicier version according to the family’s taste.

Next throw in the potoatoes and onions – all fairly randomly.  
a good firm shake of the dish will help the oil disperse over the potatoes as well (you can add a touch more oil if you want and if it looks too dry but beware the chorizo will expel plenty of oil as it starts to cook)

Finally add the oregano, librally sprinkling it over the meat and vegetables and finish off with the orange zest (only).  Another good shake will mix the ingredients and then place into a hot oven.  I give it several hours and will turn the oven down as it all cooks and blends together.  (you could just serve after an hour once cooked but the extra time deepens the intensity of the flavours)

This should be checked regularly and turned. Once the chicken is more or less cooked, turn the heat down.   I also tend to cover with foil or a lid at this point to stop any more drying out. I find I need to check it often not because it needs it but it fills the room with such a heady mix of aromas that you get a stream of visitors to the kitchen “what time is tea that smells wonderful”

As the pot starts to dry add the juice of the orange and then the tin of tomatoes and stir well .  This is when to turn it down if you have not already done so and you are looking at about 20 mins to 1/2 hour before serving. 

With about 10 minutes to go – throw in the olives – you can slice these but I tend to cut them in half as the youngest does not like them (the ones he manages to see) and it is easier to pick them out 

Serve straight from the dish and watch how quickly your dishes are cleared, a great warming dish for after a sporting weekend fixture or a telly meal curled up with a steaming bowl full.

Serve some green vegetables or a green salad with this.  I like crispy kale which gives a crispy crackle as you eat.  Empty a bag of Kale on to a roasting dish, cover with a little olive oil and a good sprinkling of salt and pop in the oven – probably not for long in a hot oven but I put it in the cool oven when I added the tomatoes and leave it there till serving.  Beware the kale is very brittle.

Give this a try and enjoy and let me know how you get on –  Add your own bits, take out the olives and use garlic earlier, switch the orange for a lemon or try it with turkey or game 



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Chorizo Pasta

My children are all passionate about pasta, but sometimes it is great to have a change from bolognaise.   This is a bit of a cheat but it is quick, easy and incredibly popular.

Tiny amount of olive oil
Onion chopped
Peppars chopped
Chorizo sliced into large bite sized chunks
Jar of pasta /tomato sauce
Cheese – parmesan or a good mature cheddar

You need the smallest amount of oil just to get the onions starting to sweat.

Add in the chopped peppar and let them begin to cook stirring for only about 5 minutes.

Add the chorizo to the pan and cook till the chorizo is browning, turning occaisionally.

Then add the jar of sauce.  As I am feeding lots of hungry boys I used two small jars of different tomato sauces and rinsed them with a small amount of water. 

Bring to the boil whilst cooking the pasta. I start to let the sauce really thicken before serving.

In this case I used a fresh spinach ravioli so layered them on the plate but normally I use a dried pasta and mix it in to the chorizo pan before serving.

Serve with cheese, fresh bread or garlic ciabatta and a green salad.

This is fantastic as you can add peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, even extra tinned tomatoes into the dish or as I often do spinach leaves as you bring it to table.   This is a great way of getting the children to eat some vegetables without serving any.

It is a really popular meal on our table and so easy to add to if you have an unexpected guest, just add an extra jar of sauce or a tin of tomatoes and you have enough to go round.

Enjoy, let me know how the children like this one.


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Pizza Time

We like all families love Pizza but it becomes expensive to take a family of five out to a well known chain and have them cater for all our different tastes. 

Occasionally instead of baking bread for lunch on a Saturday I will make pizza dough and then I can fill it with whatever I wish.  This is not a quick grab it and go like a bought one might be, this takes time especially if like me you make your own pizza dough.  I love the fact that I have control over what goes on and vegetables can be disguised easily for younger selective taste buds.

Pizza base bought or ready made

Tomato sauce – I do cheat here and buy the jars of pizza topping (although you can chop garlic and basil leaves, heat gently and add plum tomatoes till it thickens – cool slightly before adding to pizza base)

You can choose to put anything on top of your pizzas

We had: 

Anchovies / capers / mozzarella / green olives (I didn’t have black) on one half and 
Green peppars (roasted in olive oil and brown sugar)  / mozzarella / slithers of ham / jalapeno peppers on the other half

Sweet corn/  tuna /  cheddar

Spanish Tapas – Serrano Ham / chorizo / Salami / Iberico Cheese / green peppers

The putting together is so easy and a great adventure for a cold wintery half-term morning to get the children to help (especially if you use the pre-prepared pizza base and jar of tomato sauce)

Spread the base with tomato sauce, quite thinly really so as not to lose the other flavours.

Then pick and choose which topping you want.  Add them liberally according to taste.

Add to a hot oven 200°c and let them cook for about 25 – 30 minutes checking regularly especially towards the end.  You will know they are nearly ready when the house fills with the glorious warm aroma enticing you back into the kitchen.



Let me know what different toppings you add to yours.

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