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BBQ Side Salads

With this sudden onset of wonderfully sunny weather the planned roast was ditched in favour of a BBQ and I guess like me, many of you will have done the same.

I am not a great lover of BBQs because even though it seems a great idea at the time: the men of the house all stood round the barbie cooking up some grub.  In reality there is a lot of behind the scenes preparation that still has to go on.

Here I have just done some very basic side dishes that will be eaten by the children as well as the adults.   As it was just family we bought in some meat rather than marinade my own and kept it simple.

Pasta Salad – this is one my son loves and will make up for himself as just a snack.
Pasta Shapes – tricolour ones add colour to this dish or simple as I have done
Curry Powder
Paprika – it is more for decoration than taste

Cook the pasta according to packet, taking of the heat before it is fully cooked – then rinse it and leave it in cold water to cool (the water stops it from sticking together).
Meanwhile mix a good sprinkling of curry powder with a generous helping of mayonaise.  (I do this in my final serving dish so it is all coated as well and you don’t lose any)
Add the pasta and mix well.
Decorate with the paprika (just a sprinkling)  and parsley.

Potato Salad – another very popular dish among the children
Potatoes  –  I like to use new or salad ones but old can work just as well
Onions – again it is what you have, salad ones are great but red or normal work
Salad cream
Garnish with chopped mint / parsley / chives

Boil the potatoes until soft and then drain them and stand in cold water.
Chop the onions finely .
Cut the potatoes roughly and sprinkle over the onions in the serving dish.
Add a good dollop of salad cream and mix well with a knife to chop the potatoes a little more.
Sprinkle with your garnish

Tomato Salad  – there are many different versions of this available but here is mine
Tomatoes – again any variety  if you are entertaining the coloured mixed ones look great
Onions – red or normal
Oil / Vinegar Dressing – I used a simple french dressing I had made for a previous BBQ
Mint chopped to garnish

Cut the tomatoes, chop onions finely (I don’t use a whole onion here but may use two small salad onions).
As you take to table add the dressing.
Add the garnish 

Garlic Mushrooms –  my son had added mushrooms into the shopping basket in the hopes of a barbie.

Garlic – powder/ granules  works best with this recipe

Melt the butter in a pan, add a spinkling of Garlic
Add the mushrooms and cook until soggy.
Take off heat and drain (water comes out of them when cooked )
Leave to cool
Just before serving mix mayonaise with garlic, add the mushrooms and mix well.
Add the garnish.

There are so many variations on these dishes.  I change the curry powder for garlic.  You could add tomatoes, peas, sweetcorn to the pasta.   See what this inspires you to try and let me know. Please add your comments and let me know what works for you.

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Happy eating –  enjoy this sunny weather


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