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Cupboard Turkey

This came about by accident, one day being organised I had got out some thin turkey fillets to defrost and then slice up into a sauce.   As it was the middle of the holidays and we spent most of the day out we ended up eating out and the forgotten defrosted fillets sat forlornly in the sink waiting for cooking. 
I cooked them in the tomatoes that night.  The following day I added the rest of the ingredients and we ate them.  If I was planning the meal I would do it all in the one day.

Turkey fillets
Tinned tomatoes with herbs (you can add a few extra mixed herbs)
Peppers sliced and pre-roasted
Buttery mashed potato

Cook the fillets in the tinned tomatoes.  

Add the peppers or anything else in the fridge you want to use up, broccoli, spinach, chopped carrots.  You could even add sweetcorn or peas at this point.

I had some old double cream that needed using up so covered the dish with this.

Some mashed potato made with loads of butter and really mashed up well spread over the top and scored with a fork.

Into the hot oven for a good 20 minutes to half an hour until the potato is deep golden and the filling is bubbling. 

I had added a dash of water to the fillets as the tomatoes had dried out a little overnight.  This meant they were still incredibly moist. You wouldn’t need this if you were doing it all in one day.

This dish went down surprisingly well for a grab what’s in the cupboard meal.  Some meals are obviously hits as this one was but not all mine are so popular.

Give it a try and see what you think, be sure to let me know how you get on, what else could we add to develop it?   Do you have any store cupboard meals?



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Wigmore Chicken

This was given to me many years ago by the wonderful Diana Wigmore. It has maybe adapted from the original recipe she gave me but it remains a firm family favourite.   

A great dish to use up left over roast chicken and of course turkey could easily be interchanged here.  A fun topping  makes the boys think they are eating something naughty.


Left over roasted chicken
Broccoli  broken up into florets 
Curry powder – for a spicier meal add more
Cheddar Cheese cut into tiny diced pieces
Large packet of Ready Salted Crisps  (You can use any flavour but plain ready salted doesn’t overpower the other flavours)

Make the roux with the butter, flour and milk (everyone has their own way – but I throw the ingredients in together and with my pampered chef spiral whisk mix them)
Add curry powder –  even a good spoonful still leaves the meal mild

Place the broccoli across the bottom of an ovenproof dish
Cover with the chicken

Cover with the roux making sure all the chicken is covered.
Cook in hot oven for 20 minutes or so  –  roux must be bubbling

Take out and sprinkle the slightly broken crisps over – cover with cheese cubes and return to the oven.
10 minutes for the cheese to melt and the top to become an enticing melted brown and just bubbling.

Remove and serve with sides of your choice  – tiny crispy floured roasties go well, as does mashed potatoes.   Fresh peas or carrots bring a vibrancy to the table.  These can be added before the chicken stage – frozen peas or diced boiled carrots so keep the timings altogether.  Or served as a side dish.

This flies off the table so make sure you get enough first time round as there are never seconds left.



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